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    1. When you purchase over $79.99
    2. When you purchase H-Zone Product + 1 more item
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    1. When you purchase any item within 1 month of the last purchase
    2. When your direct sponsored upgrade to Prime membership when they register for the first time.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We guarantee our price to be the lowest and if you show us proof of lower price, we will give you the difference back onto your account
*Based on our lowest possible price.


• WHen you purchase $79.99 or more, you will receive Free Shipping!
• If you purchase H-Zone / P-Zone product, you will receive refund of your shipping after order is delivered.
• Any item purchased with "Buying Service" will receive a free shipping.
(Free Shipping covers upto $15. Liquid & heavy item excluded)

Free Buying Service

• Real-Time quotation for items from Amazon / eBay.
• Most convinient Buying Service in the industry.

Extra Cashe Back option

• Reward Point - RP will be sent to your sponsor when you make purchase.
• Loyalty Point - 3% Loyalty Point on all items in the site.

Affiliates Cash Back

• Up to 10% Savings
• Affiliates of Hubutu will give you up to 10% of your purchase price.

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