[HUBUTU Member Benefit]

• Prime Registration Fee: $ 39.95 per year (Fee: $ 20 + @)
• Sponsorship Income
• Buyer's Income
• Free Shipping: Immediate upon purchase of $ 79.99 or more
• Free shipping on Hubutu products with purchasing the product of buying service *
• Adult goods section access and customs clearance guarantee

   * Or if you purchase the products in Happy Zone, you will be refunded to Rewards Point (RP) after delivery
   ** Duplicate membership to the same e-mail or customs clearance / resident registration number is not allowed.

▶ Sponsoring Income

 • Real-time RP is paid to the sponsor as it is the RP number shown on the SKU of the product
   (Example: H_ZONE_IMAX_BETA_RP7_7480, PRIME_HC_BIOMEN_RP35_9711)
 • Full refund of purchase agent service fee: 5% + 5% (Sponsor and Buyer)
 • Offer special promotion : 3, 7, 10 or more referrals every week

▶ Buyer's income

 • 3% Loyalty Points *: 3% Loyalty Points for every purchase over all items.
 • Cumulative Loyalty Points are automatically applied at the next shopping
 • Full refund of purchase agent service fee: 5% + 5% (myself and introducer)

     * Apply for general membership
     * Royalties will expire if not used within 60 days

H-ZONE (Happy Zone) and P-ZONE (Prime Zone) are the zones that offer free shipping opportunity.
All other items purchased with Happy Zone and Prime Zone products are also 'Free shipping'.
(Up to $ 15, except for heavy items)

HAPPY ZONE is open to all users. More than 70% of buyers already use 'Happy Zone' to shop for free shipping. Please understand this 'Happy Zone' and use it. (However, if you purchase only one item of Happy Zone, it does not apply.) More than 2 bundles are applied.)

PRIME ZONE is a private shopping space for prime members and offers free shipping opportunities just like Happy Zone. P-Zone is comprised of branded products, adult products, special diet products, and merchandise from eMaxel, an our affiliated company.

If your Reward Points reserve is above $102, you can apply for cash out.

  • If you have an i-Payout Debit Card, you can apply for a cash withdrawal at support@hubutu.com. The amount you have applied will be loaded into your i-Payout eWallet account after deducting from Hubutu. The amount loaded on the eWallet can be transferred to the i-Payout Debit card by yourself (only if you own and activate the i-Payout Debit card).
  • If you do not have an i-Payout Debit Card, please inform us of the amount of reward points to be deducted and bank account information at support@hubutu.com. Within 24 to 48 hours we will transfer the remaining amount after fee deduction of $10.00 .

There are two types of points that occur in Hubutu.

▶Reward Point (RP): Only for prime members.
1. The sponsor will receive a real-time RP as the RP number shown on the SKU of the product. (Ex: H_ZONE_IMAX_BETA_RP7_7480, PRIME_HC_BIOMEN_RP35_9711)
2. Full refund of the buying service fee: 5% + 5% (sponsor and buyer)
3. When purchasing, including Happy Zone products, refund to RP after completion of delivery.

▶Royalty Point (LP): Applicable to all members.
1. Provide 3% royalty points for each purchase of all post-product items
2. Cumulative royalty points are automatically applied at the next shopping
3. Royalty Points will expire if not used within 60 days

No, Reward Point (RP) is not allowed to transfer between members

There are two ways to acquire the reward points (RP) of Hubutu:

  • As a prime member, you will receive a reward point (RP) from various allowances and refunds
  • Transfer e-money generated by eMaxel.com directly to the Reward Point (RP) of Hubutu.com's account
* If you want more details, please inquire by e-mail at support@hubutu.com.

In order to check on the details of occurrence or usage on your points, , please log in and click 'Reward Point' or 'Loyalty Point' in your 'My Account'. 

A debit card is a card that uses with pre-loaded cash.  hubutu.com has adopted this i-Payout Debit Card as a means of payment for active members if they want to liquidate their accumulated Reward Points in their accounts.  If the cumulative amount of Reward Point (RP) is over $202, you can request for cash-out at support@hubutu.com. After the fees are deducted, the remaining balance can be loaded into the e-Wallet. 

Members can take out cash from ATM or Bank with a debit card charged with cash.  Furthermore, it can be used for transaction purposes in participating stores or institutions around the world that are affiliated with Visa Card.  

When applying for i-Payout Debit Card, copies of an ID card such as residential Card or Driver’s License showing SSN information and a bill with your current address should be provided via support@hubutu.com  We will not use the above information for any purpose other than to verify identity and will not share this information with 3rd parties.  Should financial information be formally requested by IRS, payment history information can be provided to IRS.

*For more detailed information, please refer to i-Payout Debit Card Fee Schedule.

  1. Click 'Apply Debit Card' on the upper, right side of 'My Profile'.
  2. Confirm the accuracy of your personal information.* 
    *Please check if the name you have entered is the same as the one printed in English on your passport, driver's license or other government ID. If the information is not accurate, please correct it.
  3. Choose the Type of e-Commission with which you wish to pay from the 'Payment Method', and enter your Payment Password.

The debit card application fee is $20. You can usually get your i-Payout Debit Card in 2-4 weeks after submitting the application.

* You can pay your debit card application fee with 'My e-Commission' or 'Transferred e-Commission.
* *It is strongly advised that only the members who have earned e-Commission generated as commissions apply for debit cards.

In order to activate the debit card you have received, you need to go to the website (www.i-payout.com), and go through the following procedures:

  1. Enter your card number in the box of 'Activate My Card ' and click 'G
  2. Enter your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) and click 'Continue' .
  3. Enter Username, Password, and PIN (PIN is a 4-digit number need to withdraw cash from ATM’s) and click the “Complete Setup” button which is at the bottom. 
    * For more detailed information, refer to "Debit Card Activation Method".

Your pay will be available for you to withdraw from your Global Cash Card™ account on your regular payday. 

In order to withdraw cash from ATM's using my i-Payout Debit Card, at all the places other than the U.S.A., you must select "Foreign Card", and then "Checking". 

If you use the i-Payout Debit Card whose cardholder's registered address is within the U.S.A., you have only to select "Checking".

You may access your account as often as you like and make withdrawals up to your available balance. 

The Card has a daily withdrawal limit of $5,000. Local ATMs may have lower per transaction limits, so you may have to use the ATM more than once to reach the daily limit. The daily withdrawal limits for transactions requiring a signature or a PIN are $5,000 each. 

However, there may be a transaction fee associated with each account withdrawal. Please refer to the Global Cash Card fee schedule. 
Most banks charge non-customers a surcharge for using their ATMs for a withdrawal. Link to www.sum-atm.com for a listing of surcharge-free ATMs near you. 

Press "debit" if you are making a PIN based purchase or if you want cash back with your purchase. Select "credit" if you want to sign when making a purchase with your Global Cash Card™ 

If your “My e-Commission” is more than $202 ($200 + $2 loading fee), you can request to be withdrawn from your MC and load it into your i-Payout e-Wallet. (Only if you have the i-Payout Debit Card).
After loading, you must transfer it onto the 
i-Payout Debit Card to use the fund.

Unused Reward Points expire 365 days after the date when they are posted as "Available" in your Point Account. There's no limit to the amount of shopping points you can earn. HUBUTU RESERVES THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE THE SHOPPING POINTS AT ANY TIME AND IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION.